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April 5, 2019

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The Nordic Princess

December 3, 2018

So last year I had this assignment at school to write music to a TV-ad produced and directed by Vibeke Tømte, commissioned by Foreningen Norden. Ever wondered how it turned out? While I hope the music would be a weee bit louder in the video (composer-bias, I know), I think we did a great job with the team. Anyhow, here it is, I hope you enjoy!



The music has been programmed with East West/Quantum Leap produced sample library, Hollywood Orchestra. The ensemble is a rather simple symphonic band; strings, some percussion and partial woodwinds and partial brass. The goal was to keep the orchestration rather "small" and light so the full might of the orchestra wouldn't disturb the sweet humoresque narrative in this campaign ad.


P.S. There is another TV-ad coming out this Christmas with music by yours truly. If you are in Norway, be sure to watch commercial breaks on all TV2 and Discovery channels on the 26th of December.



Have a happy day!

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