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June 17, 2017

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April 5, 2019

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Work, Work, Work...

June 17, 2017



And so began his Summer vacation, with joy and laughter and with a bunch of client work queued up on his desk. Fun, eh? You should try it some time.


Joking aside... Now that school is over and Diamond Awards has been celebrated (no awards for me :'(), it is time to return to work. I am engaged in the production of music and sound to a visual novel, an online-board game and I will be writing music for two artists during this summer. This should keep me occupied for a good while. I have two and a half months to do everything before school starts again. With some luck, good planning and hard work, I might make it! So wish me luck.


I am also working on getting my first tunes to streaming services and digital sales. All the registering takes time but no matter. I take things as they come! I need to learn this stuff, so I better not rush anything. I don't want to mess up with paper work. Hrr... A mere thought of having to redo something frightens me.


Until next time!


Have a happy day,

- Markus

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