Markus Lappalainen

Composer & Music Designer


Film/TV & Games, Corporate & Commercial, Theatre & Performing Arts


Tenk på noe annet

Short documentary by Thea Sundet – TV-School at Inland Norway University College

Vennligst vent (co-composer)

Short documentary by Hazhir Ibrahimi – The Norwegian Film School

Alle må dø (additional music)

Independent feature film by Geir Greni – Snurr Film

Mortal (composer's assistant)

Feature film by André Øvredal – Nordisk Film

Nominated for the Amanda Award for best original score


Buda.TV 2019 Showreel

Marketing video by Buda.TV

Flynguin Station (original video game score)

PC-game designed by Eugenio Romano – Odd Time Studios

Mysterious, Is the Path of Faith

Self-produced album


Student web series by Bjørge Dahle Johansen, Jørgen Hernæs Grødem, Vetle Giltner Bjaanes & Martin Bergstrøm – OsloMET


6 Themes for Soprano Recorder

Chamber music

Magic Number 12 (original score)

Short film by Nadina Helen Bakos – Purple Dragons Collective Tales

Vent til ifjor (original score)

Short film by Lasse Pedersen – Noroff Student Film

The Nordic Princess

Commercial by Vibeke Tømte – Noroff Student Film/Foreningen Norden

The Rose of Segunda (additional music)

Visual novel by Blackcross & Taylor

Terragon (original score)

Short film by Lasse Pedersen – Noroff Student Film


Vindicta (original score)

Short film by Lasse Pedersen – Noroff Student Film

Heltedåd (original score)

Short film by Shezhad Zahid – Noroff Student Film

Døgn (original score, co-composer)

Short film by Peter Amlie – Noroff Student Film

I det ville hjertet (co-producer)

Album by Sadhna

Trauma (original score)

Short film by Lasse Pedersen – Noroff Student Film


Self-produced album

An Untold Story

Self-produced album


The Conscript (original score)

Short film by Killian Wagnerberger – Noroff Student Film

Alec for President (additional music)

Short internet series by Aidan Mead

Great Attractor (soundtrack)

Browser game by Ralph Aw

Containment (soundtrack)

Browser game by Olaf Minkowicz


5 Minute Math (soundtrack)

Mobile game by OVERGEAR

Angry Viking (soundtrack)

Mobile game by Two-Cow Games

Another World: The Tree of Promises (additional score)

PC game by JomarCenter Games

A Medley

Choir music for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Romerike, Norway


Hercules – The True Story (soundtrack)

Mobile game by Lion Games


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