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I am Markus Lappalainen

A Composer for narrative medias

I am a Finn, a composer, a guitarist and a music educator based in Oslo, Norway. Since 2014, I have been writing music for games, and films on various tiers of the industry – hobbyists, students and independents alike. I also assist Marcus Paus and Johannes Ringen (two prolific Norwegian composers) in their work with AAA films and TV content. In addition to these, I am a lyricist, composer and guitarist in my for-now-unnamed band.

Music, and telling stories with it, makes me feel alive like nothing else. To me music is a reflection of who we are as a people, a global community and an international exchange of ideas and traditions. Music can make us feel, remember and think, it can reach us in ways no other medium can.


So, let's tell a story like none before!




Leena Stenberg

Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, English

+47 9967 4411